"They say that culture eats strategy for lunch.  

We believe they must enjoy a relationship of equal importance."


About Us

Unparalled Health Care Expertise

Pivot Health Advisors is a team of accomplished and renowned health care executives committed to helping hospitals and health care companies succeed through effective leadership, clear vision and purpose, precise execution and a focus on customer.  

Our unique approach is grounded in the belief that clients must place equal effort on building aligned leadership teams all committed to the same purpose as they do on the actual planning process.  A strategic plan without full team commitment has no future.  

Our clients not only receive a precise and actionable plan, they learn the high performance principles of trust, communication, listening, accountability and the agility to adapt quickly, as required...They become a high performing team.  

Pivot's mission is to help guide the development and adoption of products, services and models that advance our health system toward the quadruple aim: better health care, better patient experience, lower health care costs and higher clinician satisfaction.

To achieve that mission, Pivot affords its clients access to our unmatched team of Advisors;  Our team members have served as CXOs from the most respected and diverse health care organizations in the country including:

Sentara Health    -    Baptist Health    -    Mayo Clinic    -      Scripps Health

Trinity Health     -      Lee Health System   -     Grinnell Regional Medical Center                         Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Heath    -     Woman’s Hospital                                         American Organization of Nurse Leadership   -     American Hospital Association

Our Advisors hold or have held Board leadership roles with the American Hospital Association, State Hospital Associations, the American College of Healthcare Executives as well as a variety of other non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Who better to strengthen your team and inform your strategic approach than those that have led the transformation of health care for the past 4 decades? 

In Action

"When I retained Pivot, I expected a standard facilitated strategic plan process.  What we experienced was game-changing!  It was an exposure to disciplines that for the first time allowed our team to come together to openly share, comfortably challenge each other and fully express themselves. The result is a new aggressive corporate strategy and a true team that is committed to making it happen."

Brian Lane


Center for Health Affairs  


“We engaged the Pivot team to guide the development of a strategic plan for our new pharmacy business venture.  Pivot ensured that everyone on the team had a voice in the creation of our plan and that our leadership team was engaged, aligned and inspired to deliver on our aggressive goals.”

Champ Burgess


UH Meds


“As an early stage company, we appreciate having Pivot as part of our core team.  We rely on Pivot to assist us in strategic planning and in creating messaging to best position us in the current market.  We have also been able to tap into the  Pivot team’s extensive C-Suite relationships to identify early adopters.” 

Mark Downey

Chief Operating Officer

Proton Therapy Partners