Lynn Nicholas

Lynn is an accomplished Senior Executive with demonstrated success spanning hospitals, medical, insurance, health plan, and medical devices. Leveraging extensive experience with crisis management and governance, Lynn is a valuable asset for a company requiring advisory related to expansions, public relations, executive compensation, rapid growth, or long-term goals. Her broad areas of expertise include quality of care optimization, negotiating, operational strategy, business turnaround planning, process improvements, and cost containment. Lynn excels at building cross-functional teams delivering difficult case, crisis management solutions.

Throughout her executive career, Lynn has held leadership positions with Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association, American Diabetes Association, the Louisiana Hospital Association, and the New Jersey Hospital Association. She has been responsible for advocating for a hospital and health system industry and served as chief strategist and spokesperson. Lynn focused on multiple constituencies and the public for state and federal level healthcare policy matters including access and cost of care, payment, and delivery system reform, quality, and patient safety. She implemented strategy and business development initiatives, achieved balance sheet growth of 205% over eight years to $12.7M, and improved board governance effectiveness. She also created a continuum of care council, established a multi-stakeholder collaborative to improve behavioral health and mental health services, added guidelines for substance abuse prevention and treatment in hospital IP and OP settings and invested $1.3M from association resources to implement a care management tool in EDs statewide. Lynn is a skilled negotiator and presenter in growth and crisis management situations.

An industry visionary, Lynn specializes in both distressed and growth business opportunities. In a previous role, she influenced legislation over seven years to escalate Massachusetts moving away from Fee-for-Service payment to various alternative payments, brought an additional $1.3B to Massachusetts hospital through Medicare wage index adjustments, and effectively dealt with two statewide ballot initiatives posing significant harm to members. Lynn consistently exceeds company goals and market expectations through her use of responsive leadership and her proactive approach to business development. She is an inspiring leader building teams with a collaborative spirit. Lynn expertly navigates cultural boundaries and drives employee retention rates and customer satisfaction statistics. She is a leader in public communication, business development, goal execution, and mentoring.

Lynn attained her MA in Healthcare Administration from Central Michigan University and her BS in Medical Technology from Tennessee Wesleyan University. She completed the Executive Development Program at Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. As a seasoned board member, she has held positions with Commonwealth of Massachusetts Special Commissions, American College of Healthcare Executives where she is a Life Fellow, American Hospital Association, Medicaid Reform Task Force, Massachusetts Health Data Consortium, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Task Force on Community Benefits, CDC Special Advisory Task Force, Governor’s Transition Team Advisory Council on Health, and many others. Lynn currently serves on the Advisory Board for The TeleDentists.